Gospel music

AUDIO: Codi – Holy Spirit – @codi_sings

Comfort Igbo is a
Gospel Minister in the Believer Love
World Nation AKA Christ Embassy. She is a successful and influential
personality in her cooperate career in the
Pharma industry for a good number of
years. She received a mandate to
minister the Word of God in songs to
every creature in every nation of the world when she was 11 years old , this
influenced her decision to join her church
choir in Assemblies of God Church,
Mokola, Ibadan where are journey
started. Growing in Grace and bounds she
decided and determined to take the
Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the
ends of the earth, demonstrating the
character of the Holy Ghost, proclaiming
the Divinity of God in mankind, setting the captives free, establishing hope in
the hopeless,setting the sail for the
undiluted Word of God to penetrate the
hearts of men with inspiring messages
through songs. She is a Songwriter and a Dynamic

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