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Intro: woh,woh,woh. Badman
Been so long in this game o
Pushing everything with my self o
No sponsor,no backing up.
Still am pushing non-stop.
Till i get there o no looking back.
Is all about time.
Badman kizz.

Verse 1
Suddenly i sudjn, your man trip and begging.
Am all about my selling, chasing to the silling. Making is my destiny, am proud of my living.
Face up mah niggar, am all about my pay.
Working for my way, i ain’t fucking lazy.
Talk abot this game, i keep on busy.
Next move for now is to work with shizy.
My style is so dope, the foes might be crazy. -never give a damn to those who threat my way, all
am doing as a man in this game.
I have no fear, all iwant is the fame.
That small boy wonna claim to be evil.
Base on believe i can fly like an eagle.
Ain’t_funny, am all about my money. Still am chasing everyday to got many cause i wonna
grow like the man, man tinny. Hold up mah nigga no
time for dolling.
Badman on point i pray for no lossing.
Base on what am facing just claiming to be fun.
Is all about my life and the fact that am living. many come my way and i still ride on works, men of
the sky wonna go with me, and still am having a cool
dinner with jesus christ. So goddamn it if you think you
can fuck with me.
24hrs man is still on chase.

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To all my dead legends, they shall rest in peace, and i will top to top. Cause the game is too big many paw
with me, mah niggers chaw with me.
Kizzdo badman rising in Ajcity so i take ot to the top, so funny how
you thinking. Just like am trecking on a sea, 5years
is’nt a play that i working with my self in this game.


Kizzdo badman, still am in.
chesing with my self, down to sea.
Flying every wave if you know me.
Never drop down is me.
Glory Era album have to sell.
Moving with my mentors base on tell.
So keep chasing me everybody.
Ajcity run run run.
The top is here. Kizzdo.


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