[NaijaOxford Exclusive] Interview With An Upcoming Artist, ” DARVEED “


What Are Your Names Sir?
Guest My name is Emmanuel David known By Stage Name ” Darveed “

*NAIJAOXFORD Can You Tell Us Why You Choosed Music

DARVEED : Because that what gives me joy..,
I love singing because is my talent,
An am ready to sbow every body de inspiration in

*NAIJAOXFORD Your State of Origin Please?

DARVEED : Am from Kogi State.

*NAIJAOXFORD Do u perform in Public?

*NAIJAOXFORD Have you had Colabs?

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DARVEED : Yes, with Dominx

*NAIJAOXFORD Whats Was Your First ALBUM?

*NAIJAOXFORD Who were your Mentors While growing up?

DARVEED : Unique

*NAIJAOXFORD Give Advice to
other artists
t Outside Reading This [NF]9ja Interview

DARVEED : I advise them to focus on there dream
An not to turn back on there talent
An believe in what they do With faith surly every dream most be Successful

*NAIJAOXFORD Thanks for responding to Our call, ” DARVEED ”

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