We’ve heard of doppelgangers and how the mystery around it irks the soul of those who experience it in reality.
Although, it’s often a myth we can’t deny that twins exist and by extension the former might just be another fabric of the universe that constitutes the unknown about human existence.

Owotomo Timilehin believes himself and the legendary Manya crooner, Wizkid were created with similar clay and for picture reference we are forced to share in his view. Timilehin showed us evidence that he might be Baba Nla’s brother from another world and his photos will make you think so too.
Interestingly, not only does he supposedly look like Starboy facially, some social media users believe he sings like him too! Did we already say doppelgangers are a real thing? You bet they are!

We can’t promise you would pick his tracks over Wizkid’s but the similarity in uncanny. Listen to the chap:

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