Top Five Illnesses To Watch Out For This Harmattan Period

Top Five Illnesses To Watch
Out For This Harmattan Period Its a new year and its the season of
cold, dust and laziness to get up from
bed! 2018 is quite a year of
hammertan rather than harmattan. Today, we shall we be discussing the
top five illnesses to watch out
for,come the harmattan period. 1. Catarrh: This is an unpleasant nasal congestion with mucus usually in
nose, throat or chest. There might be
also issues of itchy nose due to
allergic responses to dust or other
irritants. Take a lot if fruits and
vegetables that contain vitamin C to boost your body’s immunity. If you are
battling catarrh already,inhale steam
from hot water and also buy an inhaler
to help decongest. 2. Cold: It is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and could also
cause cough,sore throats, runny nose
and allergic sneezing. 3. Dry Skin: Harmattan comes with very low humidity hence the reason for
dry skin. The dry skin causes the skin
to be rough and even cracks in some
instance. Drink a lot of water and use
a good moisturizing cream eg
petroleum jelly 4. Asthma: For asthmatic patients, this isn’t the best of the season for
them as they are bound to have crises
anywhere and anytime due to the dust
and irritants floating in the
atmosphere. The asthmatic patient
should avoid dusty places as well move around with the inhaler in
situations of crises 5. Cough: Reflex action that clears the airway of irritants such as dust. Its
necessary to buy cough drug from the
nearest pharmacy to avoid the
embarrassment of coughing and
whooping especially in public Our next edition would be on catarrh,
cold and cough, what to do .Top Five Illnesses To Watch Out For This Harmattan Period 1

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